Board Of Directors

Karen Ohnemus Lisko, Ph.D.

Dr. Karen Lisko has 23 years of experience in hundreds of cases across the country in the areas of civil plaintiff, civil defense, and criminal defense ranging from simple to complex litigation. She provides expertise in courtroom persuasion, strategic jury selection, case theme development, persuasive opening statements and closing arguments, and assists with witness preparation for deposition, arbitration, and trial. She has trained many attorneys, individually and in groups.
Dr. Lisko utilizes her training to conduct focus group and mock trial research for arbitration, bench and jury trials. She relies on her experience with hundreds of actual and mock juries as well as with mock judge panels to develop case strategy recommendations based on the research findings. Dr. Lisko has provided expert witness testimony on jury bias, jury decision-making, and community attitude survey research for change of venue. She holds a doctorate in legal communication, a specialized degree held by only a few consultants in the nation.
Dr. Lisko has published several articles and has spoken to numerous groups regarding courtroom persuasion and jury decision-making. She recently completed a book entitled Proven Jury Persuasion in Civil Litigation (James Publishing) and is currently writing a book for the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Litigation, entitled Patently Persuasive.